About Me

Strategic Consultant and Research Analyst by day.
Designer/Developer/Creator of graphics & pseudo-software by night.
Lover of Tech, Sci, Psych, Logic, Chaos, Poker, and Hockey.  I actually like Math.  
Yes.  Very sexy so far.
Student of String Theory, Chaos, Kryptos, Cryptography, Pattern Recognition, The Night Sky, and the story numbers can tell.
In search of the elusive sub-50-minute 10k and the perfect Martini.  Guinness lover (Draught).
Proud Buffalo, N.Y. native.  Long-time Buffalo Bills & Sabres fan.  So, yes… I’m familiar with pain.
When I’m not in airports, airplanes, or far-away cities, I live and work in beautiful Farmington Hills in the Southeast corner of Michigan.
Opinions – blatant or implied – found anywhere within this site are not necessarily those of my employer, extended family, church, or my more rational self.
That said, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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